Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 People's Choice Awards Recap

I like lighthearted award shows, and that's exactly what the People's Choice Awards are. It doesn't take itself too seriously. 

Things I liked from last night: 
  • I think choosing Kaley Cuoco as the host was a great idea! She's funny, beaming with confidence and absolutely gorgeous! I liked the Big Bang Theory opening scene. 
  • Neil Patrick Harris being part of the live opening; all ready to go with a song and dance number complete with a tearaway tux! Too bad Kaley had him dragged away by "security" lol! 
  • The Bridesmaids acceptance speech! Breaking out into "Hold On" was was thanking CVS Pharmacy for some reason? 
  • Everything Betty White! I heart her so much. Can't believe she's 90 this week! Congrats to Hot in Cleveland for winning Fave Comedy on Cable. 
  • Morgan Freeman accepting his Icon award. Short and sweet.
  • Emma Stone being all cute and tongue tied accepting her 2 well deserved awards! But did they seriously have to give her the count down so quickly? 
  • Nathan Fillion winning Fave TV Drama Actor! His speech was brilliant! Looking at the Twitter feeds, people were either happy he won or literally crying and cursing that Ian Somerhalder didn't win. I am also happy that Castle won Fave TV Crime Drama!
  • Jane Lynch as the Seat Coordinator.
  • Something not seen on TV; Miley Cyrus being sneaky and taking over the @peopleschoice Twitter with this tweet: "its miley! i just found a computer with this account open haha! =]]] im hacking PCA bout to watch my boo go on stage xx love yall"
  • How I Met your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris & 2 Broke Girls all winning awards! 
Things that I didn't like so much: 
  • Adam's Sandler's acceptance speech. Good effort, and I laughed a couple of times, BUT it went on way too long, and I don't think it was as deserved as others in his category of Fave Comedic Movie Actor. 
  • Demi Lovato's performance was...horrendous. I do admire her for being a good role model for young girls and being brave enough to share her struggles. Just not a good performance last night. Faith Hill's wasn't all that spectacular either. 
  • A lot of the banter between the presenters. Sharon O and Cuba Gooding Jr. being the worst.
  • Revenge not winning Fave New TV Drama.
  • Finally, not enough celebs were present at the show and not enough awards were given out during the live 2 hour broadcast.
A full list of winners can be found here on the People's Choice Awards site. 

Congrats to all of the winners! 

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