Monday, April 9, 2012

'The Lucky One' Nicholas Sparks

Last week I had the honour of meeting one of my all time favourite authors, Nicholas Sparks. 

Nicholas Sparks had been on a press tour promoting his latest book to film adaptation, "The Lucky One" starring the handsome Zac Efron and beautiful Taylor Schilling when he made a stop in Toronto to meet some "lucky" fans (about 500 of them)! 

I read this book about 3 years ago, and it is definitely one of my faves! I highly recommend reading this book...and maybe all of his other ones while you're at it! ;) 

This was my third book signing since December, all put on by Indigo events. If you have ever thought that a book signing might be boring then you need to attend one of these events, it is anything but boring! There is always a DJ playing some tunes, and there are often giveaways as well. At this event they were giving away t-shirts (I got one), and lip gloss. There were Twitter contests, dance offs and a full on sing-a-long to One Direction for the younger girls in the crowd.

Nicholas Sparks was all smiles and just as friendly and gracious as you would expect him to be. He was nice enough to stick around and take some photos with some of us after the signing, good thing too, otherwise I wouldn't have had a photo for this blog!

"The Lucky One" hits theatres on April 20th. Check out the trailor below. 

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